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Born in Milan in 1975, Teatro del Buratto has always directed his artistic research to the visual, musical, pictorial, graphic and image aspect, in the direction of a "total theatre", where the usual techniques of actor, using verbal and gestural languages, is accompanied by a research in the Theatre of animation (puppets, objects, shapes) according to the most different techniques: balck theatre, puppet worn, etc. The shows are represented in Milan, touring all over the country and abroad. The activity of production is accompanied by an intense hospitality activity that takes place in several theatres in Milan and, from the season 2017/2018, in the new house of Teatro Bruno Munari, structure of the municipality of Milan whose management was entrusted to Buratto. Teatro del Buratto continues to manage also the Teatro Verdi where it proposes a season for young audience and adults, and also IF, international Festival of Theatre of image and figure which has received, since the first edition in 2007, a significant feedback from the specialized criticism and a great success of public. Since the season 2009/2010 Teatro del Buratto manages and coordinates the activities for children at Bì – la Fabbrica del Gioco e delle Arti in Cormano, near Milan. In March 2017 Teatro del Buratto won the public notice of the Municipality of Milan for the multiannual management of the Teatro Bruno Munari in Milan, a structure of 2000 sqm designed by the architect Italo Rota, which will be the first Lombard center of production and Theatrical promotion for children and young people.


Elsinor is a theatre production centre supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. It is based in Milan and presents two other theatre centres, one in Florence (Teatro Cantiere Florida) and the other one in Forlì (Teatro Giovanni Testori). Elsinor offers productions for young audiences and adults, spaces to work and perform, artistic residences and theatrical education. Moreover, it participates to international projects in order to study and develop the innovations in the field of performing arts and to become more and more original and valuable. Elsinor is also partner of PLATFORM shift+ Digital Challenges for Young People in Theatre, a larger scale cooperation project announced by the European Commission under their European Culture Funding Stream Creative Europe. It consists of 11 partners from 9 countries – ten theatres, all recognised as national leaders in the field of theatre for young people, and a university. The creative network has been created to meet the new challenges of producing theatre for young people in the digital age.