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production Fondazione Sipario Toscana

installation for sounds, voices, thoughts

a project by Geometria delle nuvole 

in collaboration with Adarte| Danza Arte Teatro   

sound design Davide Lelli

drammaturgical elaboration Giulia Paoli and Chiara Pistoia

creation and realization of scenes Luigi di Giorno


light design Maurizio Coroni



Briciole di Pollicino is a wood of sensations, sounds, voices, thoughts, words, in which the audience has the chance to find and hear the mysterious treasures that every child keeps inside. Briciole di Pollicino is the installation linked to the


wider project called Radio Pollicino- Briciole perritrovare la strada, a manifold idea between theatre and contemporary art, born with the aim to gather, organize and spread the children voices which has been collected during years of workshops and theatre activities made in schools. Thanks to this project we are trying to create a bridge between childhood and adulthood.


Briciole di Pollicino is not only an installation but is also a workshop practice, a podcasting radio, a live performance.


The installation metaphorically represents our experience as artists, a surprising trip into 5 to 13 years old children’s thoughts impressed by the wonder of their looks, masters of forgotten or unheard streets.


The sound and emotional dramaturgy, which has been revised for this work, comes from the philosophical interviews, and from the collective intelligence, that we met during festivals, artistical reviews, school workshops, and theatre training activities.


Briciole di Pollicino is a shared sight for lone wayfarer.




You cannot find or hear the voices of the children if you do not choose to follow the pebbles left by Little Thumb. You need to accept to get involved with him. You have to change your point of view to reach the place where children’s eyes find out their treasures.


This is an interactive installation created to find a way, maybe more unusual and wilder, that we have forgotten to walk while we were growing up. Where do these paths lead to? Which places to return to? Which treasure to discover?


Everyone has its own soul...Will you hear them all?



ore 19.30




via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76