production Factory Compagnia Transadriatica

by and with Angela De Gaetano

director Tonio De Nitto

original music Paolo Coletta

scenes Porziana Catalano

assistant set designer Silvia Giancane

light design Davide Arsenio

costumes Lapi Lou

collaboration for the movements Annamaria De Filippi




Virginia, a sensitive and generous girl, goes to live with her family in a castle haunted by a terrible ghost, condemned to torment itself until an ancient prophecy is fulfilled.

Between macabre nights and disturbing apparitions, many surprises await the ghost, who finds himself dealing with a strange family with bizarre habits that can be scarier than any ghost. A courageous trial awaits the girl, who will have to face a mysterious journey beyond the line that divides life from death, an experience on which no one will ever know anything.Virginia takes us through a story full of humor and suspense, in which rationality and restlessness alternate, giving us truly spooky moments within the gray walls of the renowned Canterville Castle. And in the best tradition of ghost stories, even our Canterville Ghost presents itself as a theatrical horror that will not let you sleep and challenges you to stay glued to your chair until ... the end of the show.


ore 21.30



via Gian Antonio Boltraffio 21, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 69 01 57 33