production Fontemaggiore Centro di Produzione Teatrale

author Marco Lucci

director Marco Lucci

cast Enrico De Meo, Valentina Grigò

light design Pino Bernabei, Luigi Proietti

scene photos Pino Bernabei

scenes, costumes and muppets Marco Lucci

scenes in collaboration with Frediano Brandetti




“Oh wow, the baby has woken up ... Did you see what a surprise Michele? Today your dad is with you! "

The problem is that he…the hunter, doesn’t know how to hold babies.

His job has always been to go into the woods with a rifle on his shoulder, since the time of Little Red Riding Hood.

Perhaps now it is time to take off the boots, put the apron in place and prepare the baby bottle.

“What a bad joke…they hide my mother from me!”

Here is what little Michele thinks, barricaded in the cradle and since his game doesn’t fit, he refuses any bottle and stops eating.

How do you do it now?

Easy: Michele will leave in search of his mother and the hunter in search of his missing son, a cradle and a gun lost in the woods. It will be a journey of growth for both, of encounters between greedy goats, sentinel hares and obviously wolves.


ore 15.00



via Gian Antonio Boltraffio 21, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 69 01 57 33