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production progetto g.g. and Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri/Solares Fondazione delle Arti

author Francesca Grisenti - Consuelo Ghiretti

director Francesca Grisenti - Consuelo Ghiretti

cast Francesca Grisenti - Consuelo Ghiretti

scenes Donatello Galloni

light design Donatello Galloni

puppets Ilaria Comisso

music Davide Zilli e Rolando Marchesini




The lie is something that glitters.

To tell it, you need to enchant and create an illusion.

But even to keep a secret, you have to be good.

Our story takes shape through Lucia's eyes, the heroine of Calvino's fairy tale. Lucia, just like her sisters, falls into the villain deception. But, unlike her sisters, she manages to reveal him in his lies, to discover him in his truths.

Lucia lives her story. All alone, she learns, she understands and finds her safe place. The place where you put the important things, the ones you need to grow up.

Truth and deceit, play and illusion, fear and wonder. And the glitter of lies.


ore 15.00



via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76