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production Associazione Culturale S.T.A.R. - Storie Territori Arte Relazioni

author Silvano Antonelli, Marta Zotti

director Silvano Antonelli

cast Marta Zotti

scenes Ass.ne S.T.A.R.

costumes Ass.ne S.T.A.R.

light design Alessandro Lucco - Castello

scene photos Francesco Calabrò




"Hi Silvano, I found five trees and I have an idea...

Can we talk about it?"

This is how this story started: five trees bringing together two voices, two generations, two different views on kids theater.

The first point of view is theatrically young, the second one looks more like those old trees on the scene. Together, they find themselves in the small things immersed in the deep flow of life.

This is Viola’s story.

Viola narrates about herself in third person, evoking the important moments of her life: when she is still a child, when she has to learn from mistakes, when the time comes for her to get married and then grow old. And what comes after.

Any experience happens in a forest-world and is surrounded by pastel-colored objects, the sound of essential words, dialogues coming from the past, the smell of poplar, fir and pine, the music of a guitar.

This story belongs to Viola but it could be mine, yours.



Viola's progress within the forest-world is a solitary proceeding. In the woods you can experience relationships, rhythms and actions in conflict with your small garden. In her shelter Viola takes time for little things: a jar with a flower, some

seeds, a collection of pebbles.


This story has two beginnings.

It starts with Viola's story and with the story of those who will come after. Those who will find her traces and that chestnut she planted in the woods when aging and wondering about the vastness of the sky, her next adventure...


"One... Seven... Today... Yesterday...

A thought between thoughts.

As I do with my finger

Counting infinity?"

The forest is the metaphor of Viola's life in relation to the world. Her life-adventure in the woods can evolve only with her most intimate world: the secret garden where life happens and proceeds with a slow and delicate rhythm, like the care that a child puts into growing the first flower.


"Five... Four... Three... Two... One...

And then... No more.

I have finished all the numbers

The watch got tired

It "ticks" slower and slower. “

Viola's life flows and enriches her inner world with awareness as on a miniature stage a garden box tells the seasons of life of a small plant.

Viola grows up, and the world does the same with the accumulation of symbolic objects.


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