production La Baracca –Testoni Ragazzi

a story of acceptance and courage

by Margherita Molinazzi

with Margherita Molinazzi and Matteo Bergonzoni

actors and authors from La Baracca – Testoni / Bologna

dramaturgical coordination and collaboration in the staging Guido Castiglia




Study born as part of the “Vox Motus – from voice to voice” project.

Three-year project on the art of storytelling aimed at young actors and actresses from all over the country by Nonsoloteatro.

What if you are fifteen and you begin to compare yourself with others, to experience your body, your feeling, your fears and frailties?

Caterina and Nicola are two teenagers from the same high school but they never really met. At the same time, thay begin to face important and delicate growth stages, in an extremely social world where sometimes it is difficult to find your own authenticity.

With the help of two adult figures, the grandmother and the uncle, they will try to emancipate themselves from pre-established models, finding their own way to extricate themselves from suffocating geometries by learning to savor their emotions and feelings.


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