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project 0/3 chiama Italia - La Baracca Testoni - Bologna

Schedia Teatro - Studio 


with Irina Lorandi and Riccardo Colombini 

collaboration Sara Cicenia

stage space Marco Muzzolon

costumes by Mirella Salvischiani 

sound space Marco Pagani

directed by Schedía Teatro


From 0 to 3 years old


What if, while playing alone in the house, we ended up in the grown-ups’ wardrobe? A mysterious and prohibited place… yet… irresistible! A place to explore… to play looking at the world from the children’s height. But… what if what we can’t see changed in something else? What if, unexpectedly, that ‘forest’ of clothes turned into a real wood? What if we could see… beyond?  


This work-in-progress is the second step of a theatre research for early years started at Visioni Festival in Bologna.



ore 12.30



Spazio Incontri

via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76