production MOMOM


by and with Claudio Milani

scenes Elisabetta Viganò, Armando Milani

original music Andrea Bernasconi, Emanuele Lo Porto, Debora Chiantella

electronic designs Marco Trapanese, Andrea Bernasconi, Claudio Milani

lights Fulvio Melli

scene photos Paolo Luppino

organization Simona Cattaneo


From 4 to 8 years old


Nina lives with her grownups in a house near the wood. You can't enter the wood because the Hundred-Eyes Fairy and the Ogre live there.  The Fairy has cast a spell on the wood: whoever enters it can't find the way out.  In the wood the Ogre does what Ogres do: if you meet him, he eats your heart. 

Sometimes because of bad luck, some others because of distraction, for fun or because she just wants to, Nina enters the wood. She goes in and out more than once.  And every time the wood comes alive and transforms itself.  It will be Nina's heart to free the colours which will give new life to the wood. 


Cuore is a play that talks about emotions. About the management of emotions. 

To manage some emotions within your heart, sometimes you need a dictatorship, some other anarchy.

The wood is inhabited by the Fairy who sees everything with her hundred eyes and the Ogre who feels everything in his gut. 

Nina will join them and, young and enterprising, will take the harmony of the colours back into a grey wood. 



ore 12.30



via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76