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production Teatro del Buratto

concept Luca Cecchelli

text, video and direction Davide del Grosso

lights Marco Zennaro

on stage Marta Mungo and Davide del Grosso

production director Franco Spadavecchia


From 12 years old

Take another little piece of my heart is a journey to discover one of the greatest figures of Rock and Roll, Janis Joplin, convinced that she can be an extraordinary interlocutor for the new generations. The gaze, however, is not historiographical, but firmly connected to the contemporary: Janis appears to us as an emblem of adolescence, capable of carrying both the incredible power of curiosity and expansion of the youthful age, as well as the questions, the discomfort, the melancholy and the risks inevitably linked to it.



ore 21.00



via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

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