production Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale, Teatri di Bari, Solares Fondazione delle Arti

by Aristofane

project and direction Marco Cacciola

with (in a.o.) Giorgia Favoti, Matteo Ippolito, Lucia Limonta, Claudia Marsicano, Francesco Rina

and a chorus of citizens

translation Maddalena Giovannelli, Martina Treu

dramaturg Lorenzo Ponte

scenes Federico Biancalani

costumes Elisa Zammarchi

technical direction Rossano Siragusano

music and sound Marco Mantovani

assistant director Gabriele Anzaldi


From 14 years



One of the masterpieces of the Greek playwright Aristophanes relives in an original on the road comedy, which takes the audience on a surprising journey into the Underworld. On stage we witness the vicissitudes of the God Dionysus and his servant Xantia, on their way to Hades in search of a Poet to save the city from cultural decay. When they cross the threshold of the afterlife, the choir bursts onto the scene, interrupts the plot and takes on the responsibility of carrying on the story. Where is the Poetry that Dionysus is looking for today?




ore 20.30



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