produzione Generazione Eskere 

Regia Alice Sinigaglia

Drammaturgia collettiva Generazione Eskere

con Leonardo Bernardini, Gianmaria Meucci, Claudia Natucci, Tommaso Pistelli, Caterina Rosaia, Alice Sinigaglia, Davide Sinigaglia, Giordano Tommaseo

Premio Scenario Infanzia 2018 - menzione speciale 


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Domino is the story of Gianmaria, a child who celebrates his birthday with his weird family and wants to celebrate it again the following days, starting a crazy race where everyone wants to please the boy. In the meantime the relationship with his sister sets up a crisis in the house, that is fixed by the only foreign member: the sister's boyfriend, who drops the tens talking to Gianmaria. But something's still wrong, a secret is in the air: even if on one side the family keeps trying to please the kid, on the other hand they try to hide something, letting grow in him the fear of what is happening. Gianmaria is going to have another sister and everything is going to change; but it's hard for the family to find a way to tell him and in the last big game, everyone's contradictions will come out, and he will take off their mask, showing their clumsy humanity.

may 08, wednesday

ore 21.00



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