produzione Teatro Delle Apparizioni

di e con Fabrizio Pallara

con il sostegno di Corsia OF



tout public, dai 4 anni in su



In the books, on the mouths of those who narrate, read, imagined, dreamed, fairy tales born and then travel running in words, and during the journey they change, grow, transform. Maps of life that go along with children and adults; rituals of transition that give directions and mark feasible ways, small paths, big adventures. Six fairy tales traveling in six different suitcases and two per time, in each meeting, will be remember through objects, sounds, stories and imaginations. Just a table which is a house, a forest, a lake, a mountain, the small scene of each narration; and like in a game, in rainy and cold days, all together around listening with the same childhood amazement, starting become adults.

may 08, wednesday

ore 11.15; ore 15.30




Via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76