produzione ATGTP

Di Silvano Fiordelmondo, Simone Guerro, Francesco Niccolini

Con Silvano Fiordelmondo, Fabio Spadoni

Regia e scrittura scenica Simone Guerro

Editor Teatrale Francesco Niccolini

Light Designer Michelangelo Campanale

Costumi Maria Pascale


Debutto Nazionale



tout public




Hector e Fabio. Two brothers. One life. A big play made by complicity and a big love. An unexpeted news arrived in their life and change their relationship. Since then, a new avventure begins: they compile a wishlist to make wishis come true challenging the time. In this way, in costant happyness, they go to the sea, to the disco, to the lunapark and they make a last wish at the and of the day. The two brothers kindly let they go each other because they know that they have lived all that was possible. The wishlist is over but not their extraordinary adventure. The show see on stage Silvano Fiordelmondo the historical actor of Teatro Pirata and Fabio Spadoni a down actor, in a moves and amuses story.


may 09, thursday

ore 21.00



Via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76