production Dschungel Wien

concept e coreography Corinne Eckenstein

stage Hawy Rahman

costumes Kareem Aladhami

music Karrar Al Saedi

video Osama Rasheed

project management Jennifer Vogtmann

assistant director Sophie Freimüller

with Ali Reza Askari, Javid Hakim, Ahmad Hazara, Iliya Hosseini, Jasir Karimi, Morteza Mohammadi


From 14 years old


"Freedom is our hope"

Why does a young person tattoo a Kalashnikov on his forearm? Is it an expression of violence? Of masculinity? Or is he a war worshipper? This is where the story begins. For young people growing up between two worlds with different values and cultures, finding their place is not easy. Together with young Afghan and Iraqi men, we examine the conditions under which masculinity is socially constructed. A very personal play about taboo topics such as politics, sexuality and religion and the turmoil of young men who fight against patriarchal structures and expectations.



ore 18.00



via Gian Antonio Boltraffio 21, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 69 01 57 33