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con Marcello Sola

scenografia di Giuseppe Luzzi

ambienti sonori di Dario Andreoli

musiche composte ed eseguite dal vivo da Marcelo Sola

aiuto regia di Silvia Quarantini

drammaturgia e regia di Angelo Facchetti


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"Kon tiki" means  "Sun God" and it’s the name of the raft built in spring 1947 by the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who left from the coasts of Perù in order to reach the islands of French Polinesia by sea. Without oars or motor, using only the stream of the sea, the trade wings and the good luck: 110 days in the open sea with a parrot and five travelling companions who had never sailed before. Thor left to prove that 1000 years before the same travel could be done by a primitive people that was running from the Inca ones. To prove that the indigenous of South America were able to cross the Pacific 500 years before Magellano. To prove that the human being is always interested to face the open sea,  moved by thirst for knowledge or the chance of a better life. The journey is intended not only as a shift  but as a discovery, a research, an escape. The migration is intended not only as an emergency but as a trademark of every civilization since the dawn of man.


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