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production Eco di Fondo


author Giacomo Ferraù and Giulia Viana

adaptation // direction Giacomo Ferraù

cast Marco Rizzo

voice of Eco Giulia Viana

scenes Marina Conti – scenes assistant Federica Padovani

costumes Eco di fondo

light design Giuliano Almerighi

scene photos Chiara Asoli

artistic collaboration Francesco Frongia

assistant director Giulia Viana

multimedia and technical equipment Lorenzo Crippa

video shooting Omar Nedjari

orgazation and distribution Elisa Binda

with the support of MiC

show included in the project NUOVA ALBA – with the support of Comune di Milano

thanks to Associazione La Banda degli Onesti and Campo Teatrale, Milano


From 6 to 10 years old


The myth of Narcissus reread in the light of the peril of isolation due to online gaming and media addiction, a trend that creates frustration, depression and apathy; it seriously endangers the new generations, who can't perceive the risks hidden behind the screen. Just like Narcissus, our protagonist stops caring about other people because he's attracted by that "water scrreen" where he sees his reflection - a reflection that can enchant you till you fall.



ore 18.30



via Gian Antonio Boltraffio 21, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 69 01 57 33