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produzione Industria Scenica/NEXT

di Serena Facchini, Ermanno Nardi

con Serena Facchin, Daniele Pennati

scenografie Daniele Pennati, Stefano Zullo

illustrazioni Stefano Cattaneo

animazioni video Roberto Polimeno, Stefano Cattaneo

progetto audio Federico Mammana

costumi Elisa Bartoli

disegno luci Marco Grisa


dai 7 ai 10 anni




“There are those who, looking at the sky, see onlu clouds and those who can still see dragons, flying fishes, sailing ships and pizzas with asparagus”.


Vera is 8 years old, she has a dachshund, her parents love her. She also has a tween, Nemo, her adventure companion. Nemo is sad, he thinks that everyone dislike him. But one day he discover the truth. No one hates him because no one knows that he exists. Only Vera can see him. He is her imaginary friend. Nemo’s world falls apart and despite he loves Vera, he asks her to make him free. This is the beginning of a series of adventures looking for himself, like eccentric meeting with invisible colleagues, groups for helping imaginary friend, employment offices. What happen to an imaginary creature who become free? A magic journey between poetic and adventurous moments into the thin boundary in which children become adults and give up something to grow up.

may 8, wednesday

ore 10.15



Via Giovanni Bovio 5, 20159 Milano

tel. 02 27 00 24 76